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From the Heart of Europe to the Busy Streets of Los Angeles and Venice Beach, Turn Dough has Revolutionized the Dessert Game.

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History of Chimney Cakes

For centuries, people have been looking for new recipes, trying to surpass themselves and inventing new and new goodies. The most successful recipe was considered the one that was quickly prepared, was tasty and satisfying. After such undertakings chimney cakes are considered to be central European pastries which have several names depending on the country. For instance, Trdelník (In Czech Republic), Kürtőskalács (In Hungary), Priigelkrapfen (In Austria), and Baumstriezel (In Germany). Diverse names, quite common origins and unbelievable experience of eating a chimney cake.

If there was a Bible of the cinnamon cakes, the recipe might have been written this way: they took a wooden stick, put the dough on this stick, smeared butter, dipped it in a mix of cinnamon and sugar and put it in a special oven. Once it was baked, the caramelized cone was dipped in a mix with cinnamon and sugar again.

What we stand for

We opened with the goal of showing the European service method to the locals and guests of the city. Our main task is to satisfy the requirements of lovers of sweets. We use the highest quality ingredients to get the original flavors. Our soft serve ice cream is prepared according to our own recipe, which is unknown to anyone except us. See happy faces and delight the lives of our guests. This is our main credo and phllosophy.


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