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Ice Cream Cones

Freshness is our priority at Turn Dough. Our iconic chimney cake cones are always baked right before your eyes. Each order is crafted to perfection and infused with only the finest ingredients. Our in-house made Vanilla Bean soft serve ice cream is made daily with the goodness of grass-fed cattle dairy milk. We take pride in offering GMO-free, gluten-free, egg-free, kosher, and halal soft serve ice cream.

Frutti Soft Serve
Unicorn Chimney Cake


Unicorn is a magical delight in the swirling decadence of Nutella, embellished with the whimsy of Unicorn sprinkles, all encased in the warm embrace of our signature chimney cake pastry. Crowned with handcrafted Unicorn fondant, this ice cream is a fairytale come to life!


Savor the goodness of our Caramello Toffifay chimney cake filled with rich Dulce De Leche and topped with Vanilla Bean soft serve! Adorned with Toffifay Candies and Graham Crackers, a drizzle of caramel and sea salt sauces adds the perfect finishing touch. An enchanting experience for caramel enthusiasts!
Honey & Pistachio Chimney Cake


Honey & Pistachio soft-serve ice cream is reminiscent of Arabian nights, where each bite carries you into the enchanting world of exotic flavors. It is infused with aromatic cardamom and an exquisite blend of Middle Eastern spices. A drizzle of raw organic honey adds a touch of natural sweetness to this iconic ice cream cone.
Frutti Chimney Cake


Inside Frutti lies a generous spread of creamy Nutella. We take it up a notch by layering our iconic Italian-style soft serve with fresh and juicy strawberries and blueberries. Then, we crown it with a bountiful topping of more strawberries and blueberries, drizzled with a Chocolate sauce. It's a symphony of bliss that will leave you craving for more with every bite!


Step into our delightful ice cream shop and experience a taste of Disney magic! Inside our fresh out-of-the-oven chimney cake, also known as trdelnik, you'll find a rich spread of Dulce de Leche. We then top it with Italian-style soft-serve gelato, French Macarons, Rainbow sprinkles, and a handmade Minnie Mouse bow on top. It's a perfect treat for all the Disney lovers out there!
Reese's Chimney Cake


Our Reese's ice cream, a homage to the peanut butter connoisseur, offers a medley of delights! Featuring a rich filling of Crunchy Peanut Butter nestled atop our iconic soft serve gelato, it's a symphony of flavors and textures. Adorned with chopped Reese's Pieces and crowned with the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, this European-inspired delight is masterfully presented in our signature chimney cake cones, straight from the oven!
S'Mores Chimney Cake


Our S'Mores chimney cake cone is generously spread with Nutella and topped with creamy Gelato soft serve that melts perfectly into the warm, gooey center. A torched giant Marshmallow adds a delightful twist, while crushed Graham Crackers and drizzles of Chocolate and Caramel sauces complete this heavenly treat.
Coconut Raffaello Chimney Cake


Inside our warm chimney cake cone lies a filling of Dulce de Leche. A swirl of Vanilla Bean soft-serve gelato adds a delightful twist, complemented by the exquisite Raffaello candies that adorn the top. To add a delightful crunch, we sprinkle blanched sliced almonds and sweetened coconut flakes. It's a treat that will whisk you away to a tropical paradise with every bite!
Matcha Ice Cream Cone


Our Matcha ice cream orchestrates a symphony of delectable elements. It harmonizes smooth Vanilla Bean soft serve with the irresistible crunch of Matcha Kit Kat. Elevating this fusion, a dusting of organic Row Matcha Powder layers depth and vibrancy to the ensemble. The crescendo arrives with a luscious finale—a drizzle of premium Uji Matcha Sauce, delivering a silken experience that awaits you at our ice cream shop.
Ferrero Rocher


Our Ferrero ice cream cone is a masterful composition—iconic Nutella dances through creamy Vanilla Bean soft-serve, entwined with the crunch of Graham Crackers and crowned by Ferrero Rocher candies. It's a symphony of flavors and textures, a journey to the apex of dessert delight that beckons with each decadent bite!
Biscotti Cookie Butter Ice Cream Cone


Behold our Biscotti Cookie Butter ice cream cone: a lavish blend of Cookie Butter atop iconic Italian-style soft serve. But wait, there's more to savor, the chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookies! The pièce de résistance? A decadent cascade of Caramel sauce, elevating this frozen treat to a symphony of irresistible sensations!
M&M's Ice Cream Cone


We start this masterpiece by spreading a layer of creamy Nutella inside fresh out-of-the-oven chimney cake. Next, we add a generous serving of iconic Vanilla Bean gelato. To add a colorful and playful touch, we sprinkle a medley of M&M's throughout. It's a delightful treat that combines the rich creaminess of Nutella, the velvety smoothness of soft serve, and the irresistible crunch of M&M's.
Birthday Ice Cream Cone


Birthday Cake is crowned with a torched S’More, Rainbow Sprinkles, a crunch of Oreo pieces,  and complemented by a drizzle of Raspberry sauce. Topped with a candle, it offers a sophisticated touch to mark a special moment. It’s not merely frozen dessert; it's an understated celebration in every bite!
Lemon Chimney Cake


Our Lemon Curd ice cream intertwines with tangy Lemon Curd, offering a subtle Graham Cracker crunch and a delicate interplay of Raspberry and Sea Salt Caramel sauce. Crowned with a Lemon Oreo cookie, it creates a charming symphony within our fresh-out-of-the-oven chimney cake!
Nutella Dream Chimney Cake


Imagine a decadent swirl of Nutella, accompanied by creamy Vanilla Bean gelato, all nestled within our fresh out-of-oven chimney cake cone. Adding to this taste sensation, we lavish it with iconic Nutella sauce and crown it with Kinder Bueno candies. A true masterpiece tailored for Nutella enthusiasts, this treat reigns as our ice cream shop's favorite delight!
Gold'n Kiss Chimney Cake


Meet our Goldn Kiss signature chimney cake, an exquisite harmony of Nutella, creamy Vanilla Bean gelato, and Ferrero Rocher candies! Served in fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon chimney cake and gilded with delicate 24kt gold leaves, it invites soft serve lovers to enjoy this deluxe treat at our special ice cream shop!
Brownie Chimney Cake


Brownie is a love affair between Vanilla Bean soft-serve gelato, a subtle crunch from walnuts and chocolate chip brownies. It's adorned with a charming blend of sea salt caramel and chocolate. Served in cinnamon chimney cake cone, this dessert is a delightful treat you won't want to miss!


Our Oreo ice cream cone is a delightful blend of out-of-the oven cinnamon chimney cake, iconic Vanilla Bean soft serve, and crushed Oreo pieces. Served fresh, it's a magical taste of Europe to relish at your leisure!
Ice Cream Cones

Picture this: the sun-kissed Venice Beach and the dazzling Hollywood Walk of Fame, where gelato dreams come true in a most whimsical way. At our little dessert nooks, we’ve invented a delightful symphony of Italian-style soft serve, famously known as gelato, with the charm of cinnamon-dusted chimney cakes. It’s a fusion of two worlds, whisking you off to a paradise of European pastry tradition. Now, let us tell you about our crown jewels – the 18 signature chimney cake ice creams. Imagine a decadent blend of flavors nestled snugly within the warm embrace of a freshly baked chimney cake. Our stars? The Brownie, a chocolate lover’s fantasy; the Oreo, an enticing blend of cookies and cream; and the S’more, reminiscent of a cozy campfire.

But wait, there’s more! Ever the maestros of customization, we offer the “build your own” journey. Here, you can craft your icy dream – picking between soft serve or vegan ice cream, choosing the spread, toppings, and a sauce. It’s an artistic endeavor, a symphony of tastes orchestrated by you!

Now, what’s the fuss about soft serve versus regular ice cream, you ask? Soft serve is like the rockstar of the frozen treat world, smoother, creamier, and frozen at just the right temperature. Traditional ice cream, well, it’s delightful in its own way, but it lacks that soft serve smoothness and charisma.

And thus, our little haven at Venice Beach and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the gelato dances in cinnamon clouds and where each bite tells a tale of culinary artistry. So, dear customers, join us on this fsweet adventure, as we whip up magic, one chimney cake at a time!